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About us

We have been serving our customers since 1992.
About us
The goal of our company is to achieve the desired outcomes of our work together by creating pest-free environments both within and outside the premises, while minimizing the chances of their potential appearance. This ensures that our actions are effective and well-received by our clients.
With our experience in the DDD industry since 1992 and constant updates through training and courses, we successfully fulfill the aforementioned goals. We operate throughout Poland.

As a professional DDD company, we employ integrated pest management (IPM) methods. The fundamental principle of IPM is prevention and proactive measures, which means making it extremely difficult or impossible for pests to migrate into or within the premises and creating conditions where they cannot find hiding places or reproduce. Pest elimination is carried out in accordance with the current regulations.


it is important to remember that it is cheaper, easier, and safer to prevent pest infestations rather than combating them.