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Field biologist

Field biologist

IFS / BRC / BRC Global Standard FOOD standards for food producers

Every company operating in the food production, trade, and processing industry is required to have a Field Biologist conduct an audit and assess the facility's pest control measures at least once a year.

During the audit, the Field Biologist identifies conditions that facilitate pest infestation and evaluates the performance of the external pest control company responsible for monitoring and managing pests within the facility. They also provide solutions for any issues that arise on the premises.

Key responsibilities of a Field Biologist

  • Assessing pest activity within the facility and its surroundings.
  • Evaluating the quality of pest control services provided by the pest control company. The Field Biologist pays attention to any problems that occurred during the year and how they were addressed by the pest control company.
  • Providing advice on pest prevention and potential risks.
  • Checking the building's pest-proofing measures.
  • Thoroughly reviewing pest control documentation.
  • Creating a detailed inspection report that includes findings, assessments, and recommendations.