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DDD Monitoring

DDD Monitoring

Offer for the creation and implementation of a pest control system in accordance with quality management systems such as HACCP, GMP/GHP, ISO, Global GAP, BRC, IFS, and others.

Aba-Sanimax Disinfection, Disinfestation, and Deratization, led by Marcin Piskorek, develops professional pest control programs tailored to the requirements of each company and implements them according to the relevant principles. They also conduct periodic monitoring of pest occurrences in compliance with quality management system requirements. The management of monitoring, electronic documentation, and determination of corrective actions based on established procedures require professional practical knowledge in the field of pest control (DDD) and professional experience.

We offer facility maintenance to keep the premises free from pests in accordance with standards and principles outlined in the Codex Alimentarius and quality management systems such as HACCP, GMP/GHP, ISO, Global GAP, BRC, IFS, and others.

To mitigate pest-related risks, we will establish a Pest Control System, implement appropriate routine and preventive actions, and continuously monitor their presence.

All actions will be documented in a comprehensive service documentation that outlines the procedures for protecting the facility from pests.

In compliance with European Union regulations, companies involved in the production or trade of goods must protect them from physical, chemical, and microbiological contamination. These companies are obligated to implement quality management systems in their facilities, following the principles outlined in the Codex Alimentarius. Protection encompasses all stages of production, processing, and product distribution, from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Therefore, it is crucial to have continuous access to the latest technologies in pest biology, the most up-to-date DDD practices in the European Union, as well as knowledge of food law regulations and advancements in chemical, biotechnological, and technological preparations.

The facilities we serve include:

  • Animal product processing plants
  • Meat processing facilities, slaughterhouses
  • Hotels and recreational facilities
  • Hospitals, healthcare centers, social assistance centers
  • Supermarkets and hypermarkets, retail chains
  • Dairy processing plants
  • Fish processing plants
  • Plant-based product processing plants
  • Various non-food industry facilities
  • Restaurants, catering establishments